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Auto Renewal

Auto Renewal is a beneficial feature available for all Crazy Domains products and services. When you buy any of our plans or services, we set them for automatic renewal by default to avoid interruptions in your subscriptions.

With our Auto Renewal service, your domain, website, or other services are protected against expiration and falling into redemption, which is too costly to recover.

  • Free or discounted products or domain names will automatically renew at their recent price by the end of their free or discounted subscription terms.
  • Auto Renewal and charges happen seven days before the product or service expires.
  • You will receive the Auto Renewal notices 30 days, seven days, and one day before the auto-renewal.
  • When automatic renewal fails, we will notify you through email so you can renew manually.
  • You can turn off the Auto Renewal at any time.

How to Turn Off or Turn On Auto Renewal

Log in to your Account Dashboard to manage the Auto Renewal of your product or domain name.


Bulk Update for Auto Renewals

To turn off or turn on Auto Renewals in bulk, follow the steps below:

  1. Click My Profile from the left sidebar menu on your Account Dashboard.
  2. Select the My Wallet tab.
  3. In the Payment Settings section, click the Domains or Products button in each saved payment-method box.

       4. The next page will show you a list of your domains and products for auto renewal. You can do any of the following options:

  • Uncheck the box to turn off Auto Renewal
  • Check the box to turn on Auto Renewal
  • Update the Renewal Period


        5. Click the Update button to save the changes.

If you turn off the Auto Renewal, we will notify you through email when the product is already due for renewal so you can renew it manually.

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