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Is Text Content Included with Web Design

The text content of your website must be provided by you. These would feature information specific to your brand or business and would depend on how you want to communicate with your customers. Remember that you can maximise having a designer build your website by incorpotating personal touches content-wise. We just make sure that you have a great website to place it in and present to your site visitors.

A best practice would be to have your content ready before actually opting for design services. Or, at least have all your content planned ahead:

  • What text content do you plan to have per page?
  • How many pages will you need to hold all the content you plan to feature on your website?

Of course, our designers can also help give advice as to how you can better lay out all the content you wish to have on your website. But, being ready will definitely help us hasten the delivery of your website. You may also prepare the following important details so your designer can create a fully-functional website for you: your business contact information, company profile, company logo, product images, or services offered.

We will then turn over to you the site design with the intitial text that you've provided and a dummy text for the rest of the content - which you can easily replace.

Other Website Content

If you refer to our web design key features, you can see that both the Sitebeat and Wordpress platforms have Stock Photos included in the plans. Videos can also be provided from free online sources. Stock Photos and free videos are useful for page, section, or banner backgrounds and other design fillers.

However, we still highly encourage that you include authentic photos, videos, and other media content of the business itself and the people behind it, as this is what visitors will appreciate more. It’s what makes the brand and business more human. Providing us with as much raw content as you can, will help us produce a unique website that absolutely speaks your brand.

For Sitebeat:
Five Stock Photos are included in all of its plans except for "Express" which is the lowest plan.

For WordPress:
Five Stock Photos are included in the "Custom Business" plan, while ten Stock Photos are included in the "Custom Enterprise" plan.

If you need more Stock Photos for your website, additional charges will apply.

Need more custom features or integrations for your store? Don't hesitate to contact us.

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