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How To Add a Signature on Webmail

An email signature typically includes the sender’s name, title, business contact information, company logo and slogan/tagline. It can be a block of text or in the form of an image that is attached at the end of an email message.

You can add a signature on Webmail by following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Webmail.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. Click Identities from the left-side menu.
  4. On the Identities pane, click on your email address.
  5. Add your Signature in the field provided.

    You can simply enter a text or you can tick the box for HTML signature if you wish to use an image, e.g. an image of your company logo with your business contact details. Here are simple HTML codes you can use as templates:
    <img src="link of image">
    <img src="link of image" width="50" height="50">
  6. Click Save.

Congratulations! You have just added your signature on Webmail.

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