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How To Connect My Domain Name to My Hosting

If you've just registered a Domain Name with us and want to connect it to an existing Hosting Service, there are several ways to do so depending on where the hosting service is and how you want to do it.

Hosting Is Registered with Us

If the Hosting Service is also registered with us, you can follow these steps:

  1. Create an Addon Domain in your Hosting Manager using the steps here.
  2. Update your Domain Name Servers so it connects to your hosting using the steps here.

Click on the link below for a more detailed guide on what Name Servers you should use, depending on the type of Hosting Service you purchased here at Crazy Domains.

Note: If your Domain Name is registered with a different provider and your Hosting Service is withs us, you can also use the same link above to know which Name Servers you will need to give to your hosting provider.

Hosting Is Registered with a Different Provider

Be sure to have your new hosting provider's Name Server Records. If you don't know it, check the support area on their website for the Hosting Name Servers or contact them and ask for the records.

The hosting provider's Name Servers will look like this: ns1.myhostname.com and ns2.myhostname.com.

Once you have the records, you can log in to your Account Manager to add the Name Servers using the guide below:

Wait for the Name Server Update to Complete

The Name Server update will be applied immediately, but the change will need 24 hours to propagate across the Internet. Once this is complete, your Domain Name will connect with your hosting.

If you need further clarifications, contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

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