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How To Connect My Domain To Email Hosting

If your domain is registered through Crazy Domains, your email hosting service has been automatically connected to your domain name.

If your domain is registered with another provider you will need to make changes to the domain name settings. To do this you will need to log into their management console and update the Name Servers.

If you currently have other Name Servers set, you will need to change them. Please note that this will affect any services you have set up on this domain. You can find instructions on how to change records without affecting your services below.

To connect to our email hosting, update the Name Servers to the following:

  • ns1.syrahost.com
  • ns2.syrahost.com

If you have any difficulties, contact your provider and give them these Name Servers to set up on your domain name. If you have further problems you can always transfer your domain to us.


My Name Servers Are Already Used

If you have services, like web hosting, connected and cannot update your Name Servers, please contact your hosting provider and set the following records in your DNS settings. This should not affect your services.

Change the A Record:

mail.yourdomain.com (Replace with your domain) to IP: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX (Please contact Crazy Domains to get the IP address needed).

Change the MX Record:

mail.yourdomain.com (replace this with your real domain).

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