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How To Create an Email Account for Website Builder

Your Website Builder plan includes an email hosting service that allows you to create Email Accounts for your domain. You will need to access the Hosting Manager to do this.

Follow the instructions below to access your Hosting Manager and create an Email Account:

  1. Access your Website Builder Hosting Manager.
  2. On the Home page, click Email or the [v] Icon beside it.
  3. Click on the Accounts icon.
  4. Under Create New Email, enter the following information:

    Note: If you've reached your Website Builder plan's maximum allowable Email Accounts, a warning will be displayed here. You may scroll down to view your Email Accounts list.

    Email Enter the email address that you wish to use. E.g. "info", if you wish to create the email: [email protected]
    Password Enter a Password in the field provided and re-type the Password in the next field.
    Use the Strength meter to create a strong and secure Password.
    Mailbox Quota The mailbox size limit is pre-set to 2000 MB. Edit this to reduce or increase the limit.
    Or, you can select Unlimited to allow the Email Account to use the maximum hosting space allocated for its service.
  5. Click Create Account.
  6. Your new Email Account will appear in the Email Accounts section below.

    Under the ACTIONS column, click on the Key Icon to change your Password, the [↔] Icon to change your Mailbox Quota, the Trash Icon to Delete the Email Account, and the [▼] Icon to Access Webmail or Set Up Mail Client.

Congratulations! You just created an Email Account for your Website Builder website.

Note: The number of Email Accounts you can create for your Website Builder website will depend on the Website Builder plan that you have. If you've reached the limit for your plan and you still need to create more emails, upgrade your Website Builder plan through your Account Manager.

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