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How to Implement SEO Actions

The Crazy Domains' Simple SEO tool facilitates online growth in 4 simple phases that anyone - even SEO beginners - can comprehend and apply, which are as follows:

  1. Phase 1 - Setting up Your SEO Project
  2. Phase 2 - Managing the Health Check & Competitor Analysis Results
  3. Phase 3 - Building Your SEO Action Plan
  4. Phase 4 - Implementing SEO Actions & Improving Based on Results

In the phases above, the process is simple. You set up the tool by giving us your business information, website URL, and the keywords that you want to rank for - which will take you not more than 2 minutes. The tool will run its algorithm for checking your website's on-page and technical SEO health and analysing your keywords against your competitors'. All the research is done for you in phase 1.

In phase 2, the health check and competitor analysis results are served back to you. This is where you do a run-through of the results using the tool's quick filters. And, of course, phase 3 is making sure you plan your next actions first, before getting into the implementation phase.

In this guide, we'll talk about phase 4, where you'll get to know the SEO Action Cards and how you can manage and track your work progress with the below steps:

  1. Access Your Action Plan and Summary
  2. Check and Implement Action Cards
  3. Review Your Completed and Declined Actions
  4. Keep Track of Your Progress
  5. Check to See Results

Accessing Your Action Plan and Summary

In the previous phase, we learned that a well-planned SEO will make sure that we achieve the positive results that we want for our website and business. Follow these steps to access the Action Plan you created and view the summary:

Step 1. Log in to your Online Marketing Hub.

Step 2. Click Open on Simple SEO and click on the Action Plan tab.


You'll find your Action Plan Summary at the top of the dashboard, which immediately gives you an overview of your SEO tasks. We'll talk more about that later. First, let's work on Your Planned Actions.

Checking & Implementing Action Cards

Action Cards are the tasks suggested to you by the SEO tool, which you need to implement to optimise your website for better search engine results ranking. And, the number of Action Cards you'll have will depend on your current website's needs.

The Action Cards that appear under Open Actions are those that you've prioritised. However, this can still be a lot and you might want to zero-in on the first one to work with. Here's how:

Step 3. While on the Open Actions tab under Your Planned Actions, click on the Export to CSV link.


This will download a list of all your Open Actions and allow you to easily decide on what to do first. Once you've decided on that, check and implement Action Cards as follows:

Step 4. Under Open Actions, click on an Action Card.


Step 5. Click on the [v] Arrow Icon to view the information provided. Then, proceed as instructed.

Step 6. Once done, click the [x] Exit Icon on the Action Card, then click Finish on the task that you just accomplished, enter the number of hours it took to implement the Action, then click Continue.


The Action Card will now be moved under the Completed Actions tab and your Action Summary will automatically update.

If during this phase you find that you want to remove a task from your list, you can quickly do so, too. Simple click the Decline button on the card and select all the reasons that apply, then click Submit. You will be able to revisit the task under the Declined Actions section.

Reviewing Your Completed and Declined Actions

During the implementation phase, it's good practice to revisit your Completed and Declined tasks under their respective tabs to ensure that you've covered all actions needed. And, if you find something that needs to be redone or added back to your Open Actions, follow the respective steps below:

  • To Rework a Completed Action: - Click Completed Actions and click Rework.
  • To Restart on a Declined Action: - Click Declined Actions and click Restart.

The steps above will automatically move the Action Cards back to your Open Actions list for you to start implementing.

Keeping Track of Your Progress

As you implement and complete Action Cards, the system also adjust the Action Summary accordingly. You can adjust the Period to see your progress for specific dates. The Progress bar corresponds to the percentage of completed tasks in relation to the total number of Open Actions.

Checking to See Results

If you haven't yet completed all of your actions, the Results page will be empty as shown in the image below:

Once you've completed all the actions to be taken during the month, check back and see the impact it's made on your ranking. You'll also receive an email notification regarding the same. It's important to note that you may not get the desired results right away. You need to analyse the results and find the next areas to improve until you succeed.

So, when do we actually see results in our rankings?

This is perhaps the most agonising part of SEO. Results take time. Read the article below to know more:

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