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How to Renew My SEO plan

Keeping your online visibility is important for your personal brand and website. This is why you need an SEO Tool to ensure that your site rankings are up the charts. If you’re deciding whether to renew your plan, read through this article and understand why it is important to renew your plan -- and why it is best for you. We’ll also guide you on how to Renew your SEO plan.

Why Renew your Plan

SEO takes time and is continuous – even endless. Whether you have opted for Crazy Domains’ self-managed SEO or Managed SEO. There is no shortcut to successful SEO strategies. A one-time website optimisation of your website does not guarantee that you’ll get to the top SERPs. It can take months or years to get results. Hence, an active SEO plan allows you to:

  • Continuously implement SEO action plans and get better rankings.
  • Continuously work on any ongoing SEO action plans for your campaigns.

So, what to expect if you don't renew your SEO plan?

  • Action plans will not reset if not renewed.
  • Site rankings may drop because there is no constant update, or information telling you how to improve your site rankings.

How to Renew your SEO Plan

Our system will send you an email stating that you are eligible to renew your current plan 90 days before its expiration date. For self-managed SEO, follow the steps below to renew. If you’ve opted for our Managed SEO, please reach out to our dedicated SEO experts or support team to process your request.

Step 1. Log in to your Account Manager.

Step 2. Click the [>] Arrow Icon at the top menu to search for and click on SEO Products.


Step 3. Click on the Simple SEO plan that you wish to manage.

            If you only have one plan, you will automatically be routed to its management page.

Step 4. Click on the [+] Plus Icon at the top right , then select Renew from the drop-down list.


Step 5. You will be redirected to the page where you can pay and activate your Renewal.

Expiration automatically disables the product. Which is why setting up your Auto-Renewal is recommended. To ensure that your Products/Services do not expire.

We offer flexible plans that work best for your monthly budget. See our self-managed and managed SEO plans if you’re considering an upgrade. If you need any further assistance or if you have any questions related to our SEO tools, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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