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How To Setup Windows Live Mail To Check Your Email Account

Windows 7 comes with a free email client, Windows Live Mail, that you can use to send and receive emails.

Make sure you have created your email address in the Hosting Manager or Plesk for Windows Hosting, before setting it up in Windows Live Mail.

If you have, then continue below.


Setting Up Windows Live Mail

These are the steps you need to follow to set up Windows Live Mail to check your email:

  1. Open Windows Live Mail on your computer.
  2. If first time setting up mail a page will ask you Accept the agreement, here you need to click Accept. Skip to step 4. If this is not the first time continue with step 3.
  3. On the Live screen click on Tools and select Account, you will be prompted with another screen where you need to select Add, click on Email Account and then click Next.

    Screenshot of CD Windows Live Mail Tools Tab

  4. On this screen fill in the fields.

    Screenshot of CD Windows Live Mail Add and Email Account Window

    Below is a description of the fields:
    E-mail address Enter your full email address.
    Password Enter the password you use for this email address. We recommend checking the Remember Password option so Windows Live Mail will save your password.
    Display Name Enter the identifying name for your email address. In the example this is John Smith, but it can be a functional name as well such as Your Business Sales.

  5. Select Manually configure server settings and then click Next.

    Screenshot of CD Windows Live Mail Add Email Account Option

  6. Fill in the server settings.

    Screenshot of CD Windows Live Mail Server Settings Page

    Below is a description of the fields:
    Server Type Choose if you want to use POP3 or IMAP. POP3 downloads and removes your emails from the server, while IMAP leaves them on the server. We recommend POP3 (this is the default option).
    Server Address & Port In the Server field enter your domain name and in the Port field, if you choose POP3 enter 110, and if you choose IMAP, enter 143.
    Authenticate Using Select Clear text authentication.
    Login user name Enter your full email address.
    Outgoing Server Address Use mail.mydomain.com (Replace domain.com with your actual domain).
    Port 587 (Non SSL)

  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Finished.

Congratulations! You have added your email account to Windows Live Mail. You should now be able to use it to check your email.

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