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How to Update Themes in WordPress

Keeping your chosen theme updated is important in every aspect of having a WordPress website. This article will help you understand what is a WordPress theme, why an update is necessary and how to update your theme.

What Is WordPress Theme

A theme changes your website’s design giving a personalised touch to your brand through your site. Your WordPress theme is what your users see when they visit your website online. A theme includes colour, layout, font style and general look and feel of your website.

Why I Should Update My WordPress Theme

We’ll give you a reason why updating your WordPress theme is a must:

  • Speed – One-second loading delay to your website page can make a big impact to page views and user satisfaction. By updating your WordPress theme – you can resolve both future problems like user dissatisfaction and boosting your site speed
  • Security – Bugs or security issues may be discovered. Updating WordPress and your theme is designed to help you resolve this issue.
  • Features – Updated WordPress theme, means you have the latest features available and is compatible with the latest plugins.

We want you and your website to stand out from the competition, and updating your WordPress theme is easy.

How to Update Themes in WordPress

But most importantly, before making any changes we recommend you to do site backup. If anything goes wrong, you can still retrieve your last configuration and setup.

Follow the steps below to update your theme to the latest version.

Step 1. From your browser, type in the URL box your domainname/wp-admin and hit Enter key from your keyboard.

Step 2. From your Dashboard, click Updates.


Step 3. Look for your theme, if it’s included in the list, select the theme by ticking the check box and click the Update Themes button.


A confirmation message from WordPress will appear that your theme is updated successfully. If you are encountering an error upon updating your theme in WordPress, you can contact our technical support team for further assistance.

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