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How To Upload Files to Your Windows VPS

You can easily upload or transfer files from your local computer to your VPS via Remote Desktop Protocol or RDP. Follow the instructions below to know how:

  1. Open the Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) function on your computer.
    Click on the Start button, type “mstsc” in the search box, and press Enter. The RDP function will appear.
  2. Before proceeding with RDP log in, click on Show Options.
  3. Click on the Local Resources tab.
  4. Under Local devices and resources, click on More.
  5. Select Drives to access all the drives in your local computer or click on the [+] symbol beside Drives and select a specific folder; then click OK.
  6. Click Hide Options to enter your VPS IP address, then click Connect.
  7. Enter your username and password then click OK.
  8. The drives you selected from your local computer will now be available on your Remote Desktop. Simply drag-and-drop the files into your VPS to upload, transfer, or copy them.


Congratulations! You have just uploaded files to your Windows VPS.

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