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How To Use Website Builder Layout Features

The Website Builder platform allows you to build up your own website quick and easy, by selecting a template and customising it to match your brand and imagination. Features and Blocks can be dragged and dropped into the template, to transform it to your liking.

Layout Features are Features that help you further customise and organise your website content. Layout Features include the Spacer and the Panel Features.

The Spacer Feature

A Spacer is a blank space that you can add to your website, which allows you to visually break down your page's content, helping you plan and improve the overall impact of your site. Although the template exists to suggest what type of content you can add, you can expand your imagination and create your own layout.

Drag and drop the Spacer Feature onto a placeholder on your website to add it then customise its size accordingly. You can add it above, below, beside, or in between Features within your site. You can also add it inside your Slider or Panel Feature, to further breakdown its content.

The Panel Feature

Aside from using a Spacer, you can also add a Panel Feature to fill in spaces and break down page content in your website. The Panel is an empty space whose background you can edit or set to transparent, which can hold one or many other Features inside it.

Drag and drop the Panel Feature onto a placeholder on your website to add it, then hover your mouse pointer over it and click Edit to customise its background and design. You can also drag and drop other Features onto your Panel to create a professional-looking website.

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