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Plesk Firewall Requirements

Plesk, along with all its services, can only work properly once the necessary ports have been opened on the server. As some operating systems have these ports closed by default, we’ve provided a list of services and their corresponding protocols for your reference.

Service Name Ports Used by the Service
Administrative interface of Plesk over HTTPS TCP 8443
Administrative interface of Plesk over HTTP TCP 8880
Web server TCP 80, TCP 443
FTP server TCP 21
SSH (secure shell) server TCP 22
SMTP (mail sending) server TCP 25, TCP 465, TCP 587
POP3 (mail retrieval) server TCP 110, TCP 995
IMAP (mail retrieval) server TCP 143, TCP 993
Domain Name server UDP 53, TCP 53
Plesk upgrades and updates TCP 8447
MySQL TCP 3306
Plesk SQLAdmin Site TCP 8401

Congratulations! You just learned about your server’s Plesk firewall requirements.

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