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Setting MX Records for Email Exchange 2016

For you to receive emails with Email Exchange, your MX Record has to be configured and pointed to the right path. In this article, you’ll know all about MX Records and where to manage them.


What is my MX Record?

MX Record is responsible for routing emails between mail servers, ensuring that they get from point A to point B. In other words, it routes messages sent from and to the email addresses that you create with your domain name, e.g. [email protected]. To start sending and receiving emails with our hosted Email Exchange, configure your MX Record to the following:

Type Location Records Priority
MX AU smtp.ds.network
MX EU (UK) smtp-uk.ds.network

Where do I add my MX Records?

Where you add and manage your MX Records will depend on the Name Servers set on your domain.

If your domain is registered with Crazy Domains, refer to the table below to know where and how you can change your MX Records:

Name Server Records Crazy Domains Product/s Where to Update DNS
Email Exchange Hosting 2016 Exchange Manager
Email Hosting
Wordpress Hosting
Web Hosting (Linux)
Website Builder
Hosting Manager - cPanel
  Web Hosting (Windows) Hosting Manager - Plesk Help
Premium DNS Account Manager

If your domain is not hosted with us, please contact your domain Registrar, provide them with our MX Records, and have them add it for you.


NOTE: Changes to your MX Records, or any DNS type, are applied automatically, but will take up to 24 hours to propagate across the network. If changes still do not work after this propagation period, please contact our support team to further assist you.


What Do I Do Next?

Create an SRV Record to allow synchronisation of your emails and files across devices with the Email Exchange ActiveSync. To learn more about SRV Records, visit this guide.

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