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The SEO Tool Key Features

The SEO tool is developed by Crazy Domains with all the features you need to optimise your website’s full capability: get higher ranking in search engines, drive more traffic to your website, and establish your page’s credibility.

The SEO tool gives you a list of Action Plans you can follow to maximise your website’s performance. These Actions come with easy to understand instructions so you can implement them quickly and easily.

Take a look at the following key features of the SEO tool:

  • Simple Project Setup
    When starting your SEO Project, the SEO tool gives keyword suggestions you can use that best fits your website.
  • Automatic Website Health Check
    The SEO tool will run a check on your website and generate a list of things you can do to fix important issues affecting its performance.
  • Scientifically Analysed SEO Actions
    A list of SEO Actions is generated from the data points gathered across your competitors. The list is split into categories like Web and Mobile Development, Design, Brand Marketing, and more.
  • Easy SEO Instructions
    Our SEO Actions are provided with easy instructional guides to give you step-by-step support, guiding you through each task.
  • Advanced Filter Options
    Filter your SEO Actons by category, keyword, or by the time it takes to complete an Action, to easily identify what is important and doable for you.
  • Simplified Workflow
    The SEO tool lets you select the Actions you want to work on and lets you create your own, personal SEO Action Plan - giving you an easy to follow and clutter-free workflow environment.
  • Quick and Automated Reporting
    Check how much progress your website has made with the SEO Actions you’ve implemented. Detailed reports allow you to assess which Actions helped you achieve website ranking improvements and zero-in on the next Actions to take.
  • Emphasised and Organised Information
    The SEO tool allows you to add notes to Action plans you've completed. This helps you decide and highlight the key ideas you've taken while completing a specific Action. Or can serve as a reminder for you to follow up as you go along in optimising your website.
  • Monthly Action Plans
    A new prioritised SEO action plan is created each month. What does this mean? Every time you complete the list of Simple SEO actions for a specific month, a new set of Simple SEO actions will generate in the next month.
  • Priority Score
    Each SEO action has a corresponding priority. The lowest priority score of action, the higher the importance it is in delivering faster results in improving your website SEO ranking.

And, if you opt for Managed SEO plans, you get all of the above plus the following key features:

  • Dedicated SEO Expert
    Aside from our highly intelligent SEO tool, you have an SEO expert to manage and implement your SEO Actions for you.
  • Action Plan Transparency
    Our SEO expert is going to discuss and explain the best Actions to take - with full transparency - to increase your traffic and boost your website's potential online.
  • Focused Implementation
    You don't need to do anything. Your dedicated SEO expert is going to implement all the Actions that's focused on your goals for your website.
  • Quality Results
    Your dedicated SEO expert is relentless and focused on providing you quality results, ensuring your website no other direction but UP.

If you've just purchased an SEO plan, here's how you can access the tool and get started.

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