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What Happens When Website Builder Free Trial Expires

The Website Builder Free Trial gives you access to the Website Builder Dashboard and Editor for 15 days, allowing you to explore and get a feel of the new platform before deciding to upgrade or purchase.

Within the 15-day period, you will be able to enjoy its full features to create a website and build up your store. You will also be able to Publish your site live to a free .sitebeat.crazydomains.com Subdomain. If you wish to connect the site to a Domain Name of your choice, you will need to upgrade your Website Builder plan.

Once the 15-day period is up, your free trial expires and you will no longer have access to the Website Builder Dashboard, nor be able to view the Published website. However, your website files will still be in our system for the next 7 days. If you want to continue building the site you started, you can still upgrade to the Website Builder plan that suits you within this period.

After the 7-day extension from the date of expiry, your Website Builder Free Trial's website files will automatically be deleted from the system and will no longer be recoverable. From here, you can purchase a new Website Builder plan and start fresh in creating your website.

Learn how to sign up and get started with the Website Builder Free Trial by clicking here.

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