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What Payment Options Are Available in Website Builder

Website Builder not only gives you the easiest way to build your website, but also the most convenient tools that you can use for your Store. You can set up a variety of Payment Options for your customers, matching options to that which best suits your customer's needs, to ensure that you are able to provide the best customer experience.

Below is a list of options you can add to your Store in Website Builder:

  • Square - Connect and enable Square for your Store to start accepting credit and debit cards. You'll need a Square account to set this up.
  • PayPal - Enable PayPal to start accepting PayPal payments from your customers. You'll need a PayPal account to set this up.
  • Manual Payment Methods - Set up your own localized and personalized method for accepting payments from your customers, e.g., Phone Order, Cash on Delivery, and others. You can add instructions for customers to follow.
  • Other Payment Options - Choose from a list of 50 plus providers to accept PayPal, credit and debit cards, and other online payment options.

Important: The Store option is only available for the eCommerce Website Builder plan and will not appear on all other Website Builder plans. If you want to easily set up an Online Store with complete SSL protection and easy setup and monitoring of Products and Orders, you will need to upgrade your current Website Builder plan or purchase a new eCommerce Website Builder plan.

Congratulations! You just learned about the different Payment Options available for your Store in Website Builder. Learn how to set up Payment Options by clicking here.

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