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How Long Before My Web Design Is Ready

After purchasing a plan, you’re required to fill out a creative brief. This serves as our basis for your website design — from the layout, pages, and design must-haves.

For us to hasten the delivery of your website, any content that you can provide for your pages would be a great help. This may include your business details, company profile, company logo, images of your products, or services offered.

We will start designing your website after we've received and confirmed your creative brief. Our design team will then collaborate to build your very own website.

When Is the Web Design Ready

Although our two platforms follow the same Web Design process, they still have different timelines for design and development phase.

  • For Sitebeat:
    Once we’ve received your creative brief and made the necessary clarifications, our designers will immediately work on your website. You will then receive its first draft after one week.
  • For WordPress:
    This will depend on the complexity and scope of your WordPress website design project, as well as your promptness to respond to clarifications. These factors will affect the timelines of two phases: design and development.

    As such, the project coordinator assigned to you will inform you of the estimated time for your first draft after you've finalised your creative brief. You will be given 3 designs to choose from during the design phase. After agreeing on a design, the project will proceed to the development phase. But, to give you a rough idea, the average time taken for a simple WordPress project is around 3-7 weeks.

After we create your website, we'll then submit it to you for review. This time, it's all up to you. We wait while you review the web designs and provide feedback for revisions you would like us to apply. All revision updates are completed within 48 hours.

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