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Why Is My Domain Status Transfer Pending

Essentially, the Transfer Pending status means an action is required before the transfer process can start.

Once you’ve applied for a Domain Transfer, an email will be sent to the Domain Registrant Email asking the Registrant/domain owner to confirm the transfer request. During this time, your Domain Transfer status will be Transfer Pending.

The Domain Transfer will NOT initiate unless the Registrant confirms the transfer request. This is an added security for domain owners because although anyone can initiate a Domain Transfer, only the Registrant will have access to the Registrant Email and can confirm the request.

Once you have confirmed the transfer through the Registrant Email, your Domain Transfer status will then change to Transfer In. This means that the Domain Transfer is now being processed.

Note: For gTLDs and .IN domains, a Domain Transfer usually takes up to 7-10 days to complete. For .AU domains, the process is as fast as 2 days.

I Did Not Receive a Confirmation Email

If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours after applying for a Domain Transfer, refer to the following guide:

For further clarifications about your Domain Transfer, you may contact our Support Team.

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