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Can I Use One SEO Tool for Multiple Websites

Essentially, the SEO tool is run (1) one project at a time. The tool can only run a project for a Website and its Subdirectories at the same time, and cannot run multiple Websites at once. Multiple Websites will have to be run as separate projects.

Before moving forward, differentiate a Domain, Subdomain, and Subdirectory by looking at the examples below:

Domain Name mydomain.com
Subdomain Name help.mydomain.com
Subdirectory mydomain.com/about/ OR help.mydomain.com/article/

The SEO tool considers a Website to either be a Domain Name or a Subdomain Name.

Therefore, running both "mydomain.com" and "help.mydomain.com" in (1) one project, for example, will not work as they are considered as (2) two different Websites. You'll have to deal with them separately.

On the other hand, you may run an SEO Project with a Domain or Subdomain and their corresponding Subdirectories at the same time. Refer to the table below for sample combinations that work and do not work:

Can Run
(1) Project
mydomain.com help.mydomain.com
mydomain.com mydomain.com/about/
help.mydomain.com help.mydomain.com/article/
mydomain.com help.mydomain.com/article/
help.mydomain.com mydomain.com/about/

Should you have further concerns on running the SEO tool for multiple Websites, do not hesitate to contact us.

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