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How to Create a New Calendar on Outlook

Once you’ve set up your mailbox on Outlook, you immediately get access to the Exchange Calendar where you can manage your personal schedule, set meetings and appointments, share and collaborate with team members from different time zones and locations, and so much more.

But when you’re working on different projects, collaborating with other team members on their projects, planning activities and events, your Calendar can get crowded. This is why the Exchange Calendar allows you to create as many Calendars as you need.

Read this guide to know how you can create Calendars via Outlook Desktop and via Outlook Web Access (OWA).

Creating Calendars via Outlook Desktop

We recommend that you set up your mailbox on Outlook as this is where you’ll get the full features of Email Exchange, including Exchange Calendar. To create additional Calendars on the Outlook Desktop Application, follow the guide below:

Step 1. Open Outlook on your desktop.
Step 2. Click on the Calendar icon at the bottom-left section of the application.
Step 3. Click Open Calendar from the ribbon at the top and select Create New Blank Calendar.
open calendar option ribbon to create new calendar on Outlook
Step 4. Set the following in the pop-up box, then click OK.
  • Enter a Name for your new Calendar, e.g. Team Activities 2020.
  • Set the Folder contains option to Calendar Items.
  • Select where to place the folder by clicking on the folder/group.
pop up box window to create new calendar on Outlook
Step 5. Your new Calendar will appear on the left-side menu. Tick the box corresponding to the Calendar Name/s that you wish to display on the viewing pane.
tick box option to show Calendar user wish to display on Outlook

Creating Calendars via OWA

If you don’t have an Outlook application installed, you can still open your Exchange Calendar using a browser with the Outlook Web Access. Follow these steps to know how:

Step 1. Log In to Outlook on your browser.
Step 2. Click on the 9-Square Icon at the top menu and select Calendar.
9-square icon at the top menu and calendar option on OWA
Step 3. Right-click on Your Calendars from the left-side menu and select New Calendar.
left side menu on OWA to create new calendar
Step 4. An empty box will appear on the left-side panel. Enter the name for your new Calendar here, e.g. Editorial Calendar, then press Enter on your keyboard.
text box to add name for new calendar on OWA
Step 5. Click on the Calendar Name/s that you wish to display on the viewing pane.
calendar to be displayed on viewing pane via OWA

Note that some Outlook Desktop features are not available on OWA. Please let us know if you need further assistance or if you have any questions. We’d love to help!

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