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How to Set up Your Business Directory Settings

Our Business Directory tool submits your business information and get listed to offline and online directories such as Google My Business, Google Maps, Facebook, Bing, Foursquare, Instagram, etc. This article will guide you on how to set up your Business Directory settings to get you started with the tool.

How to Set up your Business Directory Settings

After purchasing our Business Directory tool, follow the steps below to set up your business directory settings.

Step 1. Access your Online Marketing Hub.
Step 2. Go to the domain name you wish to manage, and click the Open button on the Business Profile Progress.

If you don't have Simple SEO activated, you will only have the Business Directory setting tabs showing at the top menu bar on the Business Profile page.

business profile settings page

We’ll go through each tab in setting up your Business Directory. You can click on the specific setting below, to jump directly to the specific section of this article.

We recommend filling all the necessary information for your Business Directory settings. To ensure better results and improvements for your website rankings.

Name and Location

Step 1. Under Name and Location, enter your Business Name, Business Address, and Industry. You may refer to the image and description below.
business name and location input form for business directory settings
Business Name Your business name can be the domain name you registered upon purchasing the Business Directory tool.
Business Address Enter your business address in the text box. Or you can opt to choose the Google maps locator on the right side to locate your business address.
Industry Enter the industry category that is relevant to your business.
Step 2. Click the Save Changes button

Payment Options

Step 1. Under the Payment Options tab, select the payment options your business support and is available for your customers.
payment options available for business directory settings
Step 2. Click the Save Changes button.

Contact Details

Step 1. Under the Contact Details tab, enter your business contact number, website, and email address. Please refer to the image and description below.
contact details input box for business directory settings
Primary Phone Enter the primary phone number of your business.
Mobile Phone Enter the secondary/mobile phone number of your business.
Website Enter your website URL.
Email Address Enter your business email address. For example, [email protected]
Step 2. Click the Save Changes button.

Business Hours

Step 1. Under the Business Hours tab, enter your Operations days and hours. Please refer to the image and description below.
business hours and operational days input form for business directory settings
Operational Days Click the radio buttons corresponding to the days your business is open.
Operational Hours Set the time from when your business is open and your closing hour. If your business is open 24 hours, click the sliding button on the right side.
Add More Use this option to add more Operational days and hours information.
Add Special Days You can use this option if you want your customer to know that your business is open or close on certain holidays.
Step 2. Use the More Information text to add more details and a description of your business hours.
business hours more information textbox
Step 3. Click the Save Changes button.

Logo & Images

Personalise your business profile by adding your business logo and related images. The page is divided into three sections: Business Logo, Main Image, and Additional Images.

Click the section you wish to upload an image. You can opt to drag and drop the image to the corresponding box.

Note: Images should not exceed 5mb in file size. And should follow the file formats: JPG, JPEG, and PNG.

If you wish to delete it, you can do so by hovering your mouse pointer over the image and click the X icon.

delete icon to delete uploaded logo and images on business directory settings

If making a business logo taking too much time, why not let our professional logo designers do the job for you. Visit our Logo Design service page for more details.


Step 1. Under Description and Keywords, enter the keywords and description that best define and relevant to your business.
business description keywords textbox
Step 2. Click the Save Changes button.


Attributes will help you define your business’ features and options that are available to your customers. Our Business Directory tool makes it easy for that it will automatically generate attributes for you. And these attributes are relevant to the information you’ve submitted in the previous tab settings.

attributes options to define business features on business directory setting page

Our tool will also go in-depth in generating additional attributes. This includes:

  • In-room kitchens
  • Parking
  • Credit Cards
  • Appointment Links
  • Menu Link
  • Reservations Links
  • Wifi
additional business attributes

Note: Additional attributes section may not be available automatically, as the system will take time to generate this part.

If you’re satisfied with all the information. Click the Save Changes button. You can view the results on your Business Directory page. To do that, click the Back to Dashboard link at the top-right of the page. Then click the Open button on the Business Directory option.

You may contact us if you need further assistance in setting up your Business Directory settings, or if you have any questions. We’d love to help!

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