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Multi-Year SSL

Starting September 2020, browsers will no longer consider valid certificates that have a validity period of more than one year.

The specific date of issue for this update starts on September 20, 2020 onwards. Major browsers further reiterates that browsers will stop trusting new SSL certificates with the said validity period.

Because of this, Crazy Domains now offers updated SSL Certificates that are supported by popular browsers. By teaming up with Sectigo, our partnering Certificate Authority, we can grant you with a multi-year SSL Certificate coverage for up to five years. Not only this saves you time, but you can also benefit from paying the subscription for several years up front and still meeting the requirement of renewing your SSL Certificate every year. We’ll further explain it to you:

Considering you purchase and activate an SSL Certificate intended for a two to five-year subscription, for security reasons however, the SSL that will be issued will only be for one year. Then, to obtain the remaining years left on your subscription, after the first year has passed, you will need to reissue your SSL. The new certificate file that will be given to you will still only have a validity period of no longer than one year.

We recommend accessing the Secure SSL section of your account to view the current status and the expiry date of your SSL subscription to avoid service interruption.

Feel free to contact our support team for assistance and to know the steps required on your end to reissue your multi-year SSL Certificate.

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