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Using Cyberduck (Mac) to upload

Cyberduck is a free FTP program for Mac OS X. Once you have chosen Cyberduck as your FTP client, you can use the following step by step guide to help you transfer your files quickly and easily.

Getting your FTP settings

You will need to have your FTP settings on hand in order to use Cyberduck to upload your website. This is the FTP information you will need in order to use an FTP client:

Hostname ftp.yourdomain.com
Username Hosting Username
Password Hosting Password
Port 21

How to use Cyberduck

This tutorial shows you how to use Cyberduck to upload. You can use Cyberduck to upload by doing the following:

Step 1. Open Cyberduck.
Step 2. Under the File menu, choose Open Connection....
  using cyberduck mac to upload image
Step 3. Complete these fields in the Site Properties screen:
  using cyberduck mac to upload image with server, username and password
  Below is the description of the fields:
Protocol FTP
Server ftp.yourdomain.com
Port 21
Username Hosting Username
Password Hosting Password
Step 4. Click Connect.

You can now Upload files to your Website.

Uploading or Downloading files to your Website

Once you have connected to a server, you can transfer files in one of two ways:

  • Action Menu. Use the Upload button found within the Action menu to upload your files.
  • Drag and Drop. You can upload files by dragging from Finder or your desktop into the folders visible within this view of Cyberduck.
  using cyberduck mac to upload with filename, images and index

All files must go in the public_html folder. Do NOT place any other files anywhere but here. Your home page file name MUST be labelled index.htm or index.html. The server will try to find this page to display as your first page.

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