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What Is a CNAME Record

A CNAME Record (Canonical Name Record) is a type of DNS Record that shows one domain as an alias for another domain — the so-called canonical domain. This is efficient when you run multiple services, with different ports, but from a single IP Address.

For example, if you wish to redirect to, then you would direct the CNAME Record of to the A Record of So if you ever change your IP Address, you just need to change the A Record for

CNAME Records must always point to another domain name, never directly to an IP Address.

You should avoid pointing one domain with a CNAME Record to another domain name with a separate CNAME Record, as this is inefficient. Instead, you should point both domains to the same A Record.

Uses of CNAME Records are often maximised by business owners and companies by pointing several websites owned by the same organisation to a primary website.

How to Add or Update CNAME Records

Before making changes to your DNS, you need to ensure that you're using the correct Name Servers for your domain name.

Then, depending on which Name Servers you're using, you can update CNAME Records for your domain name using the guides below:

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