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What Is an MX Record

There are several types of DNS Record. These records explain to computers how to find or locate the things you are looking for on the internet.

An MX Record (Mail Exchange Record) is a type of DNS Record that is responsible for delivering an email to the right address.

When sending an email, the DNS Servers first look into their cached files to see if they know where to send it. If they don't, they look through other servers until they find the server that knows the targeted location. This server then gives an MX Record that points where the email is supposed to go.

When receiving an email, MX Record also helps servers in figuring out which mail servers should accept the incoming mails for your domain and where these should be routed to. If your MX Records are not pointed to the correct location, you will not receive the email. Usually there is one main server and several backup servers, in case there's too much traffic on the main one.

To update an MX Record for your domain name, click here.

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