The killer shopping season starts soon, welcoming the beginning of Christmastime. Shoppers around the world are looking forward to browsing for those items they’ve waiting the whole year to be finally on sale.

Online retailers should expect to receive massive loads of traffic and simultaneous requests from splurging shoppers. These can potentially crash your site or make your pages load slowly.

Nothing displeases a customer more than a website crashing while they are browsing. They’d be happy to go to another website and are unlikely to revisit you. Their experience with your website may have made an awful impression. They may even think that your website is unsafe.

Your customers have nothing to lose, but you do. All your preparations will be in vain if your website is down when it’s needed the most.

At this time of year, you must be certain you can deliver your customers your best service. Make sure your website is up for the challenge of handing a great surge of traffic.

With only days before it’s Black Friday once again, we present a list of last-minute preparations to help you prepare your online store for the holiday sales.

Tip # 1

Proofread your website content and promotional emails. Check not only their grammar but also their embedded links. You don’t want to lose a buyer just because of a typo or a link that is not working.

Tip # 2

Review your website’s landing pages. Make sure that your displays are updated and all set for Black Friday. Also, run through your website’s navigation and check your links direct to the right pages, especially your CTA banners.

Tip # 3

Prepare your website for increased traffic and simultaneous requests. Test your website’s load capacity through LoadImpact if it can handle spikes in traffic. A great surge of traffic could possibly crash your website.

Tip # 4

Add a countdown timer plugin to your website to create suspense and urgency in your sales. It is proven to drive more sales by putting your customers into a buying state of mind.

Tip # 5

Schedule your promos and sale announcements using social media. Interesting pictures and videos can help you get better engagement. You can even broadcast live – but make sure you’re available and ready to respond to your customer’s queries during that time. They’ll be expecting your response.

Tip # 6

Put your best foot forward. Present your best customer service, and offer what you can to assist your costumers. Black Friday is not only a great avenue for sales, but also a chance to get long-term customers and a great opportunity to market your brand. It’s a good time to leave great impressions.

Tip # 7

If you deal with physical inventory, take one last good look at your stock levels. Make sure your item count is accurate and all your items are organised and ready for both sales and shipping.

Tip # 8

Don’t be afraid of upselling. There’s always the chance that some customers may opt for a more expensive alternative if they understand it’s worth its price. Genuinely help them to find a better alternative.

Tip # 9

Remember to meet with your team to finalise everything, especially contingency plans. It’s a joint effort, and everyone in your team must be on the same page. All your colleagues, partners, or employees must know what to do should any error occur, so that any incident can be addressed quickly.

Tip # 10

Don’t forget to prepare special thank-notes for your top customers, and send them a message. They’re likely to become long-term customers. If you can personalise the message, all the better. Still, thank all of your customers for showing an interest in your products, and they will return – especially if they liked the experience.


Above anything else, here’s something you should not forget: always take note of what went right and what could you have done better. Know that all the things you’ve learned from this holiday sales experience can be applied in your future endeavours.