Have you wondered about what your email address might tell your customers about you? A lot? A little? You could be undoing your hard work by asking customers to email you at a free web-based email address.

Email Hosting is a quick and easy way to reach more customers and attract new business – with a personalised email.

You can have the best, most professional-looking website, but what message you are sending to your customers without a personalised email? This is the advantage of Email Hosting: your business will look more professional with its own dedicated email.

Consider the scenario: you’ve had a great business idea. You’ve thought about it, researched it, discussed it, and have decided that the time is right. You’re going to launch your new venture.

You get a domain name – taking advantage of the galaxy of new gTLDs available to find something just right for you. You want your business to look professional so you get a professional logo, and design your site exactly how you want it. Naturally, you need it online, so you get the best web hosting package for your needs. You must be ready to launch it, right?

But what about your email?

If you had a bicycle rental business in Sydney, consider the impression on customers when you have acmebikerental.sydney and emails from [email protected] instead of asking them to email you at [email protected].

You’re busy running your business, so it’s crazy easy to get set up with your own email address. A personalised email helps you to stay one step ahead of your rivals, so there’s no reason to stay with a generic web based email address.

Don’t be left wondering what your email address says about your business, take control with a personalised email with Email Hosting.