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Logo Guidelines 

instructions for use
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Australia's domain provider

Crazy Domains logotype guide. Just a couple of examples how you can use it.

Color version
Spam filter protection
Convenient file access
Easy domain registration
Valuable products and services
Greyscale version
Security against hackers
Impressive email promotions
Dedicated supoort team
Australia's hosting provider
Small version
Trusted website builder
World-class website servcies
Social Icon
Perfect for small businesses
Simple email features
Premium hosting plans
Affordable hosting packages
Branding & Logo Guidelines

Crazy Domains is a globally Registered Trademark, owned by Dreamscape Networks.

How to use Crazy Domains logos

The Crazy Domains logos may be included in your Website or Applications to promote services used with Crazy Domains. If you are an affiliate you can use the logo to promote Crazy Domains products and services.

If you're referring to the Crazy Domains in an article or webpage (such as help documentation), you may use the orginal logo or the social icon. If you're integrating Crazy Domains into your application, you should only use the social icon.

Please don't
  • Change the colours of our logos
  • Alter the shape of our logos
  • Include the logo on physical merchandise
  • Falsely advertise as Crazy Domains
  • Tattoo the logo on any body part