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Crazy Domains is a fully accredited UK domain name registrar. Transfer your domains to us and experience the benefits of the many features below.

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Take full control, connect any services and consolidate all your domains. It’s simple and easy.
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Auto-renewal and multiple domain renewal notifications will ensure you never lose your domain.

How do you transfer a domain name

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Before starting your domain transfer...
  • Check your domain has been registered for at least 60 days
  • Unlock the domain at your current registrar ?
  • Check your email address is listed as the domain contact.
Check your Email

Transfer approval instructions will be emailed to the registered domain contact. Please check your email and click accept.


After your previous registrar has accepted the transfer, the domain will be available in your Crazy Domains account.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What does Domain Transfer mean?

Domain name transfer means moving from one domain management to another. Registrants have different motivations for choosing to transfer. Negative factors such as expensive pricing, inefficient features, incompatibility, and unanticipated technical issues greatly contribute to the registrant’s decision to move away from other registrars.

Transferring domain names is like moving to a new house – you need to make adjustments to match with the new hosting company that will provide you with the same tools and services. Some registrants are hesitant to move to a new domain provider because of uncertainties that might either surprise or disappoint in the end.

However, the good thing about the transition is that there will be no interruption on the services linked to your web address because only the records will be changed.

How to transfer domain from one registrar to another

In most cases, the domain transfer takes place after you fill out a request form with the new registrar you would like to transfer to. To get your web address ready, you need to first get your registry key or password. Your password is also called an EPP code, Auth code, UDAI code, EPP Authorisation code, or EPPT Authentication code. Your password ensures your protection in the transition of web address such as .com, .biz, .org, .info and .net. You can get all these prepared by your current registrar.

Second, be sure to unlock your domain because some registrars may lock it without the consent of the owner. This is possible in some instances, for example where the web name is involved with a dispute case, or if the registrant has breached policies.

Lastly, in order to immediately transfer domain ownership in a hassle-free manner, your web address must be set to public, and your email address must be valid.

Can I move my domain name to another provider?

Yes. For example, if you want to move your web address from your GoDaddy account to Crazy Domains, you simply submit a request form. You can do this quickly and easily via our transfer page.

When this is complete, you will receive a confirmation email. Take note that your registration doesn’t end there; you need to accept and respond to the email in order to complete transferring domain names procedure.

How long does it take to transfer a domain name?

The domain transfer process with us takes up to 10 days, in order to avoid interruption to the services of your site, email or other related networks connected to your web address. The length of time depends on the type of domain extension. All services will still be operational, even when transferring records to another registrar.

How much does it cost to transfer a domain name?

Costs vary from one registrar to another. Here at Crazy Domains, our transfer service is not just cheap but is actually FREE. Check our website for more information here.

How to transfer my domain name

Moving your web address with us is crazy easy, and free. Simply click My Account then select Account Manager. Log in using your username and password then click Domains, found in the grey menu at the top. Enter your web address and any other names you want to move with us, then go to the left side of the menu and click Transfer. Type in your password, click Add then Transfer Now. Finally, click Check out to finalise your transfer. You will then receive a confirmation email.

How to transfer .CO.UK domains

Before you can fully transfer a co.uk domain, you should apply for transfers from your reseller console. This can be done by clicking Transfer Domains and following the steps. After successfully completing the request, ask the current registrar to change the IP’s tag to Crazydomains-ae. When this has been accomplished, please notify us so that we can keep you informed about your status and finalise the domain name transferral process.

What to consider before the Domain Transfer process

Expiration date

Avoid cramming, and give yourself ample time to fully absorb what does domain transfer means. After carefully considering all the important factors such as price and features, be sure to continue the transition a week or two ahead of your web name’s expiry date. This will help you avoid unanticipated technical issues and other complexities that might interfere with the transition.

When you are ready to transition your web name, start by unlocking it and setting its status to public. In most cases, it is locked in order to prevent unauthorized web name services. Ensure that the process will proceed quickly, and make sure to go to your control panel and unlock it before beginning.

Familiarise yourself with your new registrar

Before you finally jump into the domain name transferral process, first make sure that you know your new registrar’s different services. There are many different services that you can take advantage of, such as web name parking, web forwarding, management, email hosting, and more. Ensure that the services you need most will be catered for. Although there might be irreconcilable issues with your previous registrar, make certain that your decision to change to a new registrar will help you eliminate these previous issues and restart with better, more relevant services.

Active web address

If you are planning to transfer a domain from one registrar to another, make sure that your web address is active. A web address that’s inactive, expired or in a redemption period cannot be transferred. Registrars cannot transfer these type of web address and any attempt to do so will immediately fail.

Backup your files

We guarantee that you will not encounter any major interruptions to services linked to your web address such as email and website, during the transfer process. However, any type of transition using online services can be risky, so be sure to backup all your files and secure multiple copies of them, just in case. Domain name transferral is a safe and quick transition, but you can't go wrong if you are well-prepared for unanticipated technical issues and downtime.

Common Domain Transfer issues you might encounter

Outdated email details

Emails are the main generator of information exchanged between you and your registrars. Without a fully-functional email address, you will surely miss important notifications that will help you complete the transition. Be sure to check your emails and update contact details for complete assurance that you will receive all the information you’ll need to successfully complete the transfer domain name process.

Incorrect authorisation code

A domain name transferral requires an authorisation code - or the password of your web address. Your password is the key to completing any online transaction. Without it, everything will automatically fail. You can secure your auth code from your current registrar, but beware of possible inaccuracies that might hinder the development of transition.

In uncontrollable situations, such as a system glitch, you could potentially encounter errors like mismatched codes with the backend system. In order to fix the whole nine yards of a technical problem like this, it is much better to contact technical support or customer care for assistance.

Failure to complete initial process

Before moving on to transferring your domain name, be sure to complete the initial request form; you cannot proceed to the main transition procedure without this. Be sure to follow the specific instructions, then wait for a confirmation email before proceeding.

Where to register cheap Domain Transfer

Before moving your web address, ask your potential registrar a few fundamental questions such as “How much does it cost to transfer a domain name?", "Can I move my domain name to another provider?" and "How long does it take to transfer a domain name?”

It is important that your new registrar provides you direct and honest answers to these queries, so you can weigh up your choices and make sure you will be provided with the services that you need most, for the best price. Here at Crazy Domains, our transfer service is not just cheap… it’s FREE!