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Is your domain taken?

Snap up your ideal domain name when it becomes available with our Domain Backorder service.

Backorder professional domains

What is Domain Backorder?

Domain Backorder is a service that helps you acquire a domain name once it becomes available for registration. Every domain backorder includes Domain Monitoring and Tracking, as well as Domain Registration for one year once the domain is successfully registered. This service is only £7.20 per year.

Backorder domain success

Our backorder snap system was engineered from the ground up, using multiple low latency servers, strategically located with multiple registry connections to ensure the highest success rate in acquiring your desired domain.

Why backorder domains?

Every day millions of domain name expire or get deleted, when the owner doesn't renew or decides to delete it. The backorder snap system will track and monitor your selected domain name and will attempt to snap it up on your behalf the second it becomes available.

How to backorder a domain


Select backorder for the domain name you always wanted.


Our system will constantly monitor until domain is deleted or available.


When the domain name becomes available we will attempt to secure and register it for you.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is Backorder?

Particularly popular products sell out quickly, especially when customer demand exceeds supply. As increasing numbers of customers want to purchase items that are temporarily out of stock, the term ‘backorder’ has become more common as well. It directly refers to product reservation for items not currently on hand.

Backorder is also a sign that there is an increase in product development and brand awareness, with more and more people are looking to purchase specific products from your store.

For clients, backorder means that they should allocate reasonable time to wait before they can win the list of items they want. This waiting period is a challenge for suppliers to deliver services timely, place customer’s orders precisely, and reply to requests efficiently.

What are the key features of Domain Backorder?

Domain name monitoring

Every day, thousands of domain get expired or deleted by registrars. Previous owners may lose interest and want to venture out brand new names for their business accounts. Other owners may forget to renew their domain and eventually drop it for interested registrants.

If you backorder domains, domain monitoring is a service that frequently goes with it. The service allows you to track the details of the domain that you reserved – may it be the expiration date or the changes made on its status. No need for you to personally check your status on a daily basis because our backorder process at Crazy Domains includes the said monitoring service.

We will constantly monitor the name you backordered until it becomes available and deleted. We immediately notify you on your backorder status and provide additional information that will help you along the way.

Stronger brand identity

Brand awareness is both a limitless and time-consuming task. It is also an expensive investment considering all the marketing and SEO services that you need to purchase to increase brand recognition. However, if you have chosen a name that’s ideal for your business, you can save more time and money on your road to a successful business.

Domain backorder is a strategy to translate your distress in looking for an ideal name into convenience. While the name that would perfectly match the nature of your business is temporarily unavailable, backordering it surely gives you a chance to ease your worries and secure a chance that you can take it. Your registrars are responsible in attempting to register your domains and you’ll just have to wait on the day that you can finally get and utilise the name.

Product authenticity

Legitimacy is the topmost priority for both business owners and clients. Business departments want to establish authenticity so in return, clients can develop a sense of trust and comfortability. The competition in choosing the perfect web name is tight especially when it’s already taken. But, no need to panic because this happens to a lot of registrants like you. A backorder option is especially helpful to develop product authenticity and commit genuine identity that your business holds.

Immediate name ownership

Most clients nowadays understand that a good web name is hard to search for. So if your name is something that’s rare and authentic, more customers will be intrigued about the products that you offer. Clients will frequently search your store and follow your posts to know more about your services.

Backordering service works slowly but surely in just a simple click. Although you can’t capture the name right off the bat, our backorder system supports your chance to own the domain you want.

What happens to expired domains?

Most people expect that expired domain names can be immediately registered after their expiration - a general misconception that a lot of people are still confused about. So, here’s how it works:

  • Registration – A general top level domain (gTLD) can be registered for a minimum of 1 year to a maximum of 10 years.
  • Expiration – The moment the registration period nearly expires, registrants are due for renewal and they have a chance to renew their domains. Days before the expiration, they are notified and informed about the expiration date and the process as to how they can still keep it.
  • Grace period – In case current owners do not or cannot renew the names during the renewal due period, another chance will still be credited to them. This is the 30-day grace period where the renewal process can still take effect. The domains, however, are already inactive as of this period.
  • Redemption – The redemption period is the last chance for previous owners to renew expired domains, but with a penalty this time. They are given a 30-day period to acquire their expiring domains back. This chance is considered to be a late approach for owners to redeem or re-own their domain names.
  • Pending delete – After the redemption period, the domain’s status will now be pending delete for 5 days where there’s no more renewal chance for previous owners. Clients who pay for backorder service will just have to wait after the pending delete days are over.
  • Available – Lastly, the domains will be available for everyone to register. This is where the registrar’s take action and attempt the registration for you.

How to buy expired domains?

In some circumstances, expired domains are publicly auctioned if the current owner does not renew or redeem it. The auction may help you buy expired domains by placing a bid on it. However, competition in auctions is tight, slimming the chance of an interested buyer to charge the name, not to mention the constantly changing price during an auction.

As a result, registrants prefer purchasing backorder services to avoid hassle in catching ideal names for the business. Some business holders are quite confused about what is backorder and how it works, so simply put, backorder is a tool especially helpful to purchase particularly popular products such as a potential web name.