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How to renew a domain name

There are several ways you can renew your domain name.

  1. By Email - Click the link within your renewal reminder email and follow the express renewal process.
  2. Account Manager - Login to your Account Manager and consolidate and renew your domains manually.
  3. Express - Enter your domain in the renewal box for a quick stream line renewal process.

Renewing a domain after expiry

Every domain type is set by registry rules. Domains such as .com, .net, and .org will fall into grace period allowing you to renew the domain without additional fees.

Other domains, for example primarily country code domains (ccTLDs), require a redemption fee, plus a renewal fee to keep the domain name active.

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Don't lose your domain
Switch to auto-renew

For the ultimate level of domain security, Crazy Domains offers an auto-renewal feature which will automatically register your domain name when it is due for renewal.

Simply switch your domains to auto-renewal within your account manager or active it during first registration, transfer or renewal. We'll take care of your renewals so you don't lose a thing.

We accept all payment options

Crazy Domains offers flexible payment options for all domain renewal and registration services.


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Your Questions, Our Answers

What is Domain Renewal?

Setting up a website, blog or professional email will never be complete without a domain name that will establish its identity. There may be multiple web address options on the market, but its registration can be complicated, and the myriad of online business owners is also overwhelming.

Domain names are registered, on average, for a year to the maximum of 5 to 10 years. Technically, you cannot own your web address for the rest of your life -- that’s why it has an expiration date. However, you have an option of domain renewal to extend its registration if you need it a little longer. No registrant would like to risk losing a name that established a genuine identity for their business, and especially not lose it to competitors.

The Domain renewal process is as easy as the registration. But the real dilemma occurs when you forget the renewal date, despite the reminders sent to your account, and you lose your domain name unintentionally.

How to do domain expiry check efficiently

Update your contact details

One of the easiest ways to lose your web address is by simply forgetting to renew it. With your hectic schedule, it is almost inevitable that some things are forgotten. Your registrar will usually send email notifications about upcoming renewal schedules and payment liabilities, so be sure to keep your email and contact details up-to-date.

It is quick and easy to do a domain expiry check via email. You will promptly receive all reminders relevant to your renewal, weeks or days beforehand to help you prepare and decide.

Keep track of your domains

Forgetting to renew your domain name could mean that you lose it to another registrant. This is a costly mistake because you will then have to register another name, or wait a year before you can try to register your original domain name.

To avoid this mistake, it’s important to manage your emails and constantly keep track of your domain’s status. Hence, it is much better to use a permanent email address so you don’t need to continually update your contact information. This is one way to ensure swift communication with your registrar.

Choose a reliable registrar

When choosing who to register your domain name with, be sure to choose a registrar with a dependable reputation. Look for a registrar that’s accredited by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), with 24/7 customer support, has user-friendly websites and most importantly, a registrar that values privacy.

It is very important that you choose a registrar with whom you can entrust confidential information. A good registrar will use that information to help you grow your business in the field of eCommerce. Registrars like Crazy Domains will help you register and renew your domains, as well as improve website, email and other online services for your business or organisation.

How to renew domain names

Domain name renewal can be done either manually or automatically. Manually renewing domains is easy: you simply enter your web name in the Renew box at the top of this page and after a few additional steps, your web name will be valid again for another period of registration. Registrars will notify domain name holders of the redemption due date via email.

Automatic renewal is even easier than manual renewal. At Crazy Domains, we will renew your domain name automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it! All you have to do is make sure Auto Renewal is enabled when you purchase, transfer or renew your website's name with us. We will also advise you accordingly if there are more issues we can address in your renewal process.

How to budget domain renewal cost

Bracket your budget

Although domain renewal is quite inexpensive, it is an ongoing consideration for your budget. Ask yourself: what website/s will I need to register? Will I redeem my domain name at the right time for my business?

Our renewal extension option is convenient for helping you manage and upgrade your web address. Make sure to include renewal expenses in your budget so it will be easier for you to register your web address again.

Think life-long commitment

Your domain is not just a simple address for your website; it is also an indispensable identity that defines the holistic online form of your business. As a business owner, you don’t want to settle with fleeting business success. Rather, secure a domain and make your business recognisable, competitive and legitimate.

Renewing your web address is just a small step towards achieving gigantic success. So long as you keep on top of renewing your domain, you can’t go wrong. Mark your calendars and be sure to check your emails for notifications. Domain Extension builds recognisability, and draws more potential customers to websites. It also gives you more consistent product delivery and services in order to prove your business’ quality in the market.

Redeem your name for the ideal length of time

You have the flexibility of choosing how long you register your domain for. Most registrants choose to register for more than one year in order to avoid the yearly redemption process. Whether you are a startup business owner, or an eCommerce veteran, choosing the right length of registration for your domain is ideal for keeping up with the many demands for running a business.