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Backup UNLIMITED PCs, MACs and all devices with only One Account

Our cloud backup service will automatically protect all your PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android devices and Facebook pictures into your unlimited One account.

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Enjoy 1 Year, No Cost



Enjoy 1 Year, No Cost




Save 26%




Save 25%




Save 25%
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Backup made simple and affordable

Unlimited Backups

Unlimited Backups

Set automated backup on all your devices quickly with few clicks or touches, and enjoy uninterrupted, fast and continual backup.

Access Anywhere

Access Anywhere

Manage all your backup files remotely through our easy-to-use web console from any mobile device.

One-click Recovery

One-click Recovery

With one click, you can restore one file or multiple files. You can also recover your full system to the original machine or a completely new setup.

Cloud Backup
Fast, Secure, Flexible

  • Instant backups

    Your files and folders or entire PC and Mac will be automatically backed up in real-time across all the devices that you link using Backup Tool.

  • Full recovery

    Create an exact clone of your system, and application data in one step. Restore when needed to any new computer, the same hardware, or dissimilar hardware.

  • Secure and private

    Your files are transferred and stored with 256-bit AES encryption with a user-defined key that is not stored anywhere on the servers.

  • Fast restore

    Restore your backup files instantly to any computer, or restore your entire PC and Mac with just a few clicks.

  • Retrieve data

    Recover your files from any location to any computer or mobile device with one click. Restore one or multiple files or do a full system restore if necessary.

  • Remote file access

    Login using our web-based console or mobile app and manage your backup files, restores, application settings and more, anywhere you go.

  • Real time backup

    Automatically detects the modified parts of all files and backs them up in real-time without interrupting any workflows.

  • Easy to setup

    It's easy to setup and schedule automatic backups, simply install the smart wizard, adjust your settings and it will stay silent and continuous when its working in the background.

How does online backup work?


Install the backup Tool or App and configure quickly with few clicks or touches.


Your files will be backed up automatically to the cloud, offsite storage, computer.


With your files safely stored in the cloud, you can get them back anytime.


Anytime access to your files from any internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Your Questions, Our Answers

What is Cloud Backup?

The fast-growing volume of data that circles around the world of professionals, businessmen, and organisations creates not just an additional management task but the complexity of storing it has also become a challenge. To further complicate matters, most small to medium-sized businesses have tight budgets, limiting their options.

An improved version to approach reliable storage services with maximum security is popularly known as cloud backup. It is an effective solution to simplify data storage complexity and a dependable solution to secure critical data. Using this online backup will help you protect your files against data duplication by hackers and keep you in control of every confidential data essential to you.

Online backup services are noteworthy especially now that data storage has become an integral part of an individual or organisation’s success. Cloud storage, which uses the internet is ideally perfect to store, review, transfer, and retrieve data anytime. Aside from using your personal computer, the files you saved are also conveniently accessible using any internet-connected device such as smartphone, tablet, laptop etc.

Why choose Cloud Backup Services?

Easy to set-up

An online backup service is always available online through using a web browser or installing the software itself. Either way will immediately backup your files and save the necessary changes or updates you made, if there are any. Using windows or Linux, you can set up your backup storage anytime, anywhere with the help of a speedy internet connection, of course.

Fully functional

Digital backup services are unlimited, quick, and easy to use. It has customised features and navigating through the control panel, you can choose a specific feature that matches the tasks you are working on. You can create, schedule, share, and manage your documents and photos with confidence and security. You can also feel relax knowing that your files are stored safe and sound in your website.

Maximum security services

Using a designated login for the cloud backup user, you are confident enough that no unauthorised individual can sneak into your folders while you’re away. If you are always on-the-go, you don’t have the burden of bringing a hard drive along with you because conveniently, you can open your personal computer, log in to the site and start working on your tasks wherever you are.

Efficient data protection

Whether transferring, reviewing or polishing major revisions on your files, cloud backup software stores multiple copies of your data online so you can retrieve it anytime you need. It supports the core functionality of your files and extends their lifespan without the risk of lost data in case of disasters such as fire, flood, earthquake, etc.

Key features of Cloud Backup UK?

Automatic sync

Syncing is especially helpful in file restoration. From calendars, scheduled tasks and meetings, to important reminders, an automatic sync allows you to lessen the additional work of transferring a heap of files. Cloud backup UK mostly use one database to hold all the information through all cloud app across devices. It also saves real-time changes and updates file consistently.

Data encryption

Keeping data private is a top priority among professionals and organisations. It particularly involves encryption service for tighter security. But, what is cloud backup data encryption for?

Data encryption is the most effective security since it translates your human-readable data into a secret code. Or simply put, your files have password to lock it and limit the accessibility levels of different employees who can view your files. A cloud backup features this security to keep the confidentiality of information exchange between you and a 3rd party.

Flexible storage capacity

Before officially purchasing services for backup online, Google drive is a good example to help you determine the standards of an online storage. It helps you work hands-on and save files instantly. But as your data scales up, your services multiply and members expand to a reasonable number, your data storage also require sufficient space to cater the volume of tasks. Don’t panic, online storage can expand from a minimum of 10GB to a maximum of 1TB.

Reliable technical support

Technical problems can be trouble, and, it can also cost you a lot to hire a technical expert to fix them, not to mention the time-consuming internal repairs. However, some online storage services include 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting in case you encounter technical problems during operations.

What are the advantages of online backup services?

Protects critical information

As we all know, data is a critical line that every enterprise or organisation is tracing. It’s like a treasure trove of development to offer products and services efficiently.

Nevertheless, backup to cloud becomes a lifetime savior to reduce personal worries and troubles when it comes to restoring files. It lets you relax in case of system meltdown and data loss, protecting your files in multiple servers across the internet. It tries to simplify the difficulty of keeping data as the technology-driven world continues to evolve in terms of technical services.


With the help of business cloud backup service, you can save more time and in case the need arises, you can juggle multiple tasks at the same time. Whether you are engaging with existing clients online or working on a media marketing campaign, your tasks would go on swiftly as your entire data are immaculately organised. At the same time, this allows more opportunity to grow your services and achieve positive feedbacks from products.

Data security

Data works like a brain that controls the general function whether you are sharing documents, editing photos, watching videos or engaging with clients. Worrying about your storage service can be stressful, because the inherent risks associated with lost or damaged data.

This is where online storage services take full responsibility, maintaining proficient digital information transfer and protecting data against online threats and hackers. Whether it's cloud backup for mac or for mobile, your entire files are protected and secured.

How to choose a Cloud Backup Solution?

Be specific and practical

If you want to purchase cloud backup solutions for long term services, choose the best provider that can cater your specific needs with reasonable charges. Take into careful consideration standard customisations and how effective it is. An ideal provider invests in their own infrastructure in order to deliver dependable and practical services that can survive the demands of technology, not just today but into the future.

Know your budget for the services

Budget allocation is a consistent challenge for small to mid-size companies. As best online backup services are upgrading, prices are also becoming competitive.

However, as a startup, you don’t need to purchase long-term services if you are still testing the waters. In the meantime, you can use minimal data storage that would be enough to match your needs. And if, in time, you need to expand your services, you’ll have much better idea how much you need to upgrade storage services to reinforce the growth of your industry.

Determine your needs

After a time-limited free online backup service, you can clear doubts in your mind and focus on how much storage you need whether you are an on-the-go entrepreneur or entrepreneur wanna-be. Whether you want to privately keep files or publicly allow your members to access your data, any best plan is always handy.

Why upgrade to Business Cloud Backup?

Bulletproof data protection service

Whether you want to backup iPad to cloud or backup iPhone to cloud, online storage has the full capacity to complete both services. Technically, you cannot carry your personal computer wherever you go because that would really be impractical. However, laptop, smartphones, and tablets are the ultimate SOS to help you continue working even at home.

Featuring automatic sync, it allows you to access your files from calendars to important reminders. Even outside the office, an off-site file will help you achieve a productive day. In comparison with hard drives, the risk of forgetting it in the office or misplacing it somewhere at home will hinder your work and expand your list of pending tasks.

Information validation

Data control, reporting and monitoring are three major services that online storage focus on. The constant changes you make on your files are automatically updated either daily or continuously. With the knowhow of an online storage system, all your files are processed and validated under one database and accessible across devices.

Excellent internal process

Whether you want to know how to backup iPhone to cloud or how to install the software to your computer, it would only take you few and quick steps to finish the process. As long as you know enough what feature is best to set-up your storage and your internet connection is fast, then you can gradually start loading up your data into the digital portal it safely belongs.

What are the services of free online backup?

Mobile data storage service

Aside from Google drive, another example of a free backup online storage is Samsung cloud backup. Samsung phones, laptops and tablets have a built-in account system that allows users to backup files from SMS, MMS, photos, videos and more.

Instant sharing

Another mobile storage service that’s best not just for on-the-go entrepreneurs but also for individuals who want a remotely personal storage room using smartphones, HTC cloud backup is also a free storage service. You can even connect it to Google, share the files in your mobile to the drive and restore it anytime you need.

Convenient data filing

Free cloud backup services help you organise important files so they are immediately available when you need them. You can quickly scan the files you need without cramming or panicking. Although only a time-limited storage, you can still enjoy the best features to help you control your important data.