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Why is it important to buy a domain name in UK?

A domain name is where everything in the online world starts. It serves as the web name that can either make or break your business. As a rising and competitive business country, choosing it can be both crucial and exciting in UK. It must be spelled carefully and relevant to the business. When you buy domain names, make sure yours is remarkable, especially for your target customers. It must also be unique in order to gain online recognition in just the wink of an eye.

What is a domain name?

It serves as a unique identity that represents you and your business in the online world. Technically, it comes in numbers and codes but your computer automatically translates these numbers into human-readable words. That’s why it must be distinct and easy to remember. This domain name definition is confusing to some, so simply put, “” is a good choice if you want to run a boutique business.

How to buy a domain name?

With Crazy Domains, buying domain names is easy and affordable. You can register yours instantly and create a website right away. We have multiple options for UK domain names, including a wide selection of extensions such as .com,, .uk, .nz, .org, and so many more. If you purchase a country code top level domain such as, which is also the most widely used ccTLD in UK, it will enhance the legitimacy of your brand.

If your choice of web address is already taken, you can backorder it and we will update you the moment it becomes available. At Crazy Domains, we offer only the best services to help you purchase affordable products, start your business and realise your dreams.

What are the roles of domain names in your business?

It is the foundation of everything

It functions as the heart of your brand’s name. Consumers don’t have any idea what your website is, unless your domain names relate to your products. Also, it serves as the foundation that holds the future of your business. Once you purchase domain names, they automatically represent the industry of your products.

It advances your marketing strategy

Competition is tough in digital business. Your competitors are surely taking every marketing initiative to gain trust, attract buyers and boost sales. But, if your chosen name is notable, you can get two steps ahead of your competitors. Your brand will be searchable and with interesting services, you’ll be more advanced and competitive.

It diminishes your budget

You need to hire a superb advertising team to help you pull out buyers from all over your target market. This also relies on you spending sufficient funds to reinforce them. The good news is, in your website, you can actually upload personalised posts and customised photos that are relevant and significant to your brand. This way, you can decrease your costs and start inexpensively.

It is the definition of professionalism

Customers don’t just automatically trust online shops and select random products. There are lots of fraud cases and internet thieves that deceive online consumers. Yet, you can gain respect and trust once you establish a web identity that’s professional and credible. You need to build those two important factors so that your business will triumph over the challenges of online merchandising.

What are two types of top level domain?

Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD)

These include, but are not limited to, .com, .net, .org, .info. These generic examples are commonly used worldwide. There are no requirements to register and use these.

Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)

This refers to the domains specific to a particular country. For instance, .uk for UK and for most United Kingdom businesses, .au for Australia, .ae for Arab Emirates, .hk for Hong Kong and a lot more. You can purchase all of these at Crazy Domains at very affordable prices. We also have domain names for sale depending on the number of years you desire to keep and upgrade your domain names.

What are the advantages if you buy domain names?

It introduces your brand

First impressions last. Choose an unforgettable web address that will boost brand recognition, however new it may be. There are many rivalries, so choose a specific name that will excel amongst the sea of business competitors. Buying a domain name for business is rampant in this generation. As an entrepreneur, do not just introduce your brand. Make sure it's a hit!

It entices customers

Creating a distinct web identity that is related to the types of products that you offer will immediately attract interested buyers. Today, if customers don’t have a specific store name in mind, it’s hard to find a good shop with products that can supply their needs. With your specific web name, you can be easily reached and found.

It translates your brand’s message

You can present your message through your chosen web name. Say, “” is a good start to convey a marketing strategy that your website offers top quality of products. This way, customers who are interested in hardware tools will find and opt for your services.

It builds credibility

Undeniably, it is not easy to build credibility at first. However, your web address helps in building the integrity that you need to compete with other developing online businesses. Where credibility begins is where trust and loyalty develops in the long run. Your business appears to be more professional and trustworthy with a relevant web identity. It will also be easier to hook customers and invite them to buy your products.

How to get a domain name?

Keep it short and simple

You don’t need to create a complicated and lengthy name. The shorter, the better, the easier it is to remember. That’s a basic rule because, apparently, customers are more interested in your products if it’s searchable, unique and unforgettable. Buyers will always consider the legitimacy of your web address so impress them by making an outstanding identity.

Spell it easily

Register something that’s personal and not too general. A combination of a specific-yet-different domain name will result in a more effective and convincing impression on your brand. Remember to spell it carefully to avoid confusion and disappointment from your customers. Also, make sure that it’s easy to pronounce so they can tell their friends about it.

Make it unforgettable

Take for example, “” will suggest a website that sell fabulous and cheap dresses. You can strategically clip words such as fabulous and cheap and come up with a new word “fabche” to name your website and increase unique brand identity. This is also a marketing technique so that your web address will be striking and noticeable to interested buyers of online dresses.

Create it with a specific goal in mind

If you want to target local and international customers, make sure you buy a domain name that’s globally interesting. Also, you will always be on the right track if you choose to be specific. For instance, dont choose “” if your company offers hammers or other tools. Stay focused on your business offers and start with a precise online identity that will persuade consumers to get your products.

What can domain name do for your marketing strategy?

It integrates your marketing style

Once you establish your website, your business doesn’t end there. There is more to do and even more services to purchase, but above all, you need an expert marketing team. Competition in eCommerce is very high. But once you secure an excellent domain with a unique character, your marketing edge will be effortless compared to your competitors.

It is naturally perfect

Get a domain name that is outstanding so you can reach your target audience and be on top of your desired market. It serves as the basis of your first step in marketing and definitely, and you can definitely achieve online recognition with less effort. There are millions of identities you can choose from all over the world, so take advantage on something that will convince consumers to trust your services.

It is an appropriate keyword

There isn't much necessity to duplicate titles and descriptions in order for you to be searchable online. Buy domain names and they will automatically serve as the most appropriate keyword to make your brand memorable and known all over the internet. This is why choosing a unique name is important because above all, it is where marketing starts.

It strengthens your brand to integrate sales

Simply put, your domain name serves as the backbone of your business and any other professional transactions you have online. Everywhere you go, people will ask about a website or online portal where they can contact you to make communication easier. Right there and then, you can instantly give your website with your unique web name incorporating the message of your brand.

How can you utilise your domain?

You can create emails

Using your customised domain, you can additionally create your email address as well. When you decide to make a website and start online merchandise, your email address helps to establish good relationships with your customers.

Consumers who choose online shopping have more queries than you might expect, and mostly prefer direct contact via email. You can even encourage more customers to buy through a convincing email marketing technique. When you know how to buy a domain name, you can use it for multiple purposes.

You can have your own website

At Crazy Domains, you can buy web hosting services so that your website is live online. With us, you can buy cheap domain names so you can setup your own website in minutes. The role of a web identity in online businesses is fundamental because of the fact that it carries the brand’s individuality and potential to attract buyers. A website’s definition is not just technical, but is also synonymous to business.

You can use it for website forwarding

When your business booms, you can buy a domain to add options for your website. For example, if you have “”, you can buy an “” in addition, so that people who will type “” will automatically be forwarded to the same “” website. Both websites can generate domain name sales as long as your brand’s identity is growing.

You can design your own website

Once you have purchased your domain, your website will not be ready until you have designed, and uploaded some photos to it. With Crazy Domains, you can easily get cheap domain names with included website builder services. You are then ready to drag, drop, and beautify your website, and start attracting large numbers of buyers. Remember that those who prefer online shopping are always attracted by what they see.