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.am Domain Name Registration

.AM domain for radio that informs and entertains

AM stands for amplitude modulation, referring to transmitting audio through the radio in electric communication. It is most commonly known around the world as the designation for radio stations that are focused on news and other similar content.

With .AM, relevant sites can more effectively indicate their type of content, and successfully reach their specific audience.

Whatever type of audio you offer people for streaming, .AM helps you connect with your audience in one place.

Let users see your site more easily with the dedicated .AM domain extension and build your number of followers effectively.

.AM allows you to streamline a professional approach with your website. Register to start building your network of followers and spread audio content the way you want.

Anyone can register for their .AM site – get yours today.

  • .AM is for radio sites dedicated to news and information.
  • .AM allows sites to look professional and trustworthy.
  • .AM is an easily recognisable domain for news radio.
  • .AM lets you connect with your target audience more effectively.