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.archi Domain Name Registration

.Archi domain name for architects the world over

Architects date back to the very earliest days of when humankind first moved out of trees and caves and started designing and building their own structures. Of course, these architects had nothing to draw on, since there was no paper, and pens were hard to come by, but they were still revered by their tribes.

Responsible for such architectural wonders such as the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, London's "Gherkin", the Taj Mahal and Christchurch's Cardboard Cathedral, architects are still revered to this day.

If you're an architect, you can now get your exclusive .ARCHI web domain with Crazy Domains. Note this domain is restricted to architects.

  • .ARCHI is the domain to build your home online if you're a professional architect.
  • .ARCHI isn't just for individuals, it's also for architecture firms.
  • .ARCHI is the dedicated domain for architecture-related organizations.