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.blog Domain Name Registration

.BLOG domain name for blogging and bloggers

.BLOG is a new top-level domain extension not just for professional bloggers but also for everyone who wants to share their thoughts through blogging.

Since .com is the most preferred choice, it's now difficult to find an available name for your website, as most .com domains have already been taken.

.BLOG is the best substitute for .com if it's already taken. Take for instance the case of the same names. If johnsullivan.com is already taken, John can go for johnsullivan.BLOG rather than buying the website from the other John, which is not just costly but also tiresome.

And if your posts are veering away from your site's specific purpose, then you can move these off-topic yet great content to a separate .BLOG.

.BLOG gives your a different kind of freedom, which .com can't offer. Say, if coffeequests.com is only focused on sales, a coffeequests.BLOG can talk more about ideas and narratives of varying length, which is definitely more creative, keeping your customers' interest.

Also, there's no SEO penalties for .BLOG, as Google treats it the same with .com.

Get your own .BLOG today!

  • .BLOG is remarkably versatile, providing exciting and fresh branding opportunities.
  • .BLOG makes your domain easier to remember and more approachable because it sounds more welcoming.