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.buzz Domain Name Registration

.Buzz domain for anyone who creates excitement and interest

Buzz Buzz Buzz. It's the noise a busy bee makes, and has become synonymous with creating excitement and being busy.

If you work in marketing or PR, then creating a buzz is high up on your list of things to do, possibly even higher than "schmooze" and few things will show you know how to create that much-needed buzz for clients than your very own .BUZZ web domain. There's room for a buzz in other industries, too. Maybe you're a professional bee keeper? Or possibly you're a Space Ranger, working for International Star Command, like Buzz Lightyear.

Whatever your buzz, there's a .BUZZ domain with your name on it. Especially if your name is "Buzz".

  • .BUZZ is the domain for creating an atmosphere of excitement: ideal for marketing and PR.
  • .BUZZ is the noise a bee makes, so it is a perfect choice for anyone connected with the striped insect.
  • .BUZZ isn't just for the likes of Buzz Aldrin and his fictional namesake Buzz Lightyear, it's for anyone who prides themselves on being busy.