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.engineering Domain Name Registration

.Engineering domain name for anyone considers themselves an engineer

Because engineering is an extremely broad field, engineers encompass a range of specialised fields and come in all shapes, and sizes and flavors in a way, they aren't unlike pizzas. Except you can't typically get an engineer delivered to your house on the back of a moped, and they often object to having pepperoni placed on them.

Engineers work on pipelines and IT systems, on machines and with chemicals and often engineers combine different disciplines to change our worlds. Again, not altogether like pizzas - but arguably much more important.

The fact of the matter is, all talk of pizzas aside, engineers are the people who devise our medical devices, clean up toxic waste spills, invent more effective renewable energy solutions and design the software that keeps us all connected. If you're an engineer, it's about time you got your own domain - just imagine: yourname.ENGINEERING. Looks good, doesn't it?

  • Whether you're a chemical, electrical, mechatronic, software or civil engineer you can put your name on your .ENGINEERING domain.
  • .ENGINEERING isn't just a title or profession, it's also a verb: if you arrange or manage something you engineer it.
  • An engineer often the creator of a project or an idea: if you're engineering change, this is for you.