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.fail Domain Name Registration

.Fail domain name for celebrating or exposing failure

At some point in our lives and careers we experience failure - when we fall short of what we want to achieve. Professional sports players sometimes miss shots and the best teams in the world lose games. Hot new startups fail every day in Silicon Valley around the world.

The term "FAIL" has become popular shorthand in recent years for a number of sentiments, including "you suck", or "unlucky" - it can express unhappiness at a product or service, or just take pleasure in someone else's failure.

Some of the most popular websites around are dedicated to "fail", whether it is spelling mistakes or bad translations or funny videos of other people's failures. There is also the philosophy that it's good to fail: we should fail fast to learn from out mistakes. However you approach failure, don't .FAIL to get yours from Crazy Domains.

  • .FAIL is for celebrating the misfortune of others, such as in funny home videos.
  • .FAIL can be for highlighting your own bad experiences.
  • .FAIL is for learning from your failures and misfortunes in order to learn and grow from them.