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.gent Domain Name Registration

.gent domain for establishing a presence in the historic city of Ghent

The port city of Ghent is one of Belgium’s largest cities. Best known for its marketplaces, public squares, and medieval infrastructures — there’s no doubt that Ghent has a growing tourism industry.

Ghent also sports numerous shopping centres, restaurant, schools, and hospitals. No matter your industry, you’re bound to attract an audience online with a .gent domain.

Anyone can register a .gent domain, so you can get creative by creating web addresses such as a.gent, pa.gent, or intelli.gent — whatever works for your brand.

Stand out from your competitors and register a .gent domain with us today.

  • .gent is the geographical domain for the city of Ghent
  • .gent helps increase your visibility in local search results
  • .gent strengthens your credibility with the local community
  • .gent is a smart way for you to get creative and register domains like intelli.gent, a.gent or ur.gent