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.gripe Domain Name Registration

.Gripe domain name for anyone who loves to complain

Many of us enjoy complaining - from leaving gripes about restaurants on Yelp, to setting up entire Facebook pages to gripe about companies and services. The internet has made it even easier to gripe, no longer do we have to put physical pen to paper and post a letter to the local TV station to complain about repeats, reruns and "another chance to see". Now we can fire off our gripes by email, or just complain on social media.

Complaining has an important function - by expressing our dissatisfaction we achieve a kind of catharsis and feel better. Voicing our gripes is good, it gives us a connection to other people. Now you can have your own .GRIPE domain name if you want to give a home to complaints.

  • .GRIPE is a complaint - you don't need to write yours in letters any more, get the .GRIPE domain to keep them in one place.
  • .GRIPE is a nautical term, meaning to tend to come into the wind; if you have a sailing themed website get the GRIPE domain.
  • .GRIPE is also an old-fashioned word for the flu, coming from the French word grippe.