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.horse Domain Name Registration

.Horse domain name for anyone involved with horses

Horses have been domesticated since around 4,000 BC - which isn't nearly as long as the period of times that humans have been domesticated by cats. Just the same, the domestication of horses was a necessary development to prevent felines from making humans plow the land for them.

Horses have fallen out of popularity in many areas, such as a dominant form of transport or in warfare, however their use in sport has increased in many areas. Horse and rider events persist in the Olympics, and sports such as show jumping and horse racing remain popular the world over.

In Australia, the Melbourne Cup is known as "the race that stops a nation" and is so popular that is a public holiday in Melbourne. Horses don't qualify for the day's holiday, unfortunately.

If you're a horse lover, take part in equestrian sports or involved with horses professionally, climb up on the new .HORSE web domain with Crazy Domains.

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