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.lease Domain Name Registration

.Lease domain name for anyone dealing with rental services

Lease is another word for renting - we can lease property, lease services or lease tools and equipment.

The concept of leasing has been shown by scientists to date back to the Stone Age, when particularly enterprising neanderthals started to lease out wooden clubs and caves to other members of their tribes. This practice was largely unsuccessful as they had no system of currency, nor a written language, for many thousands of years.

Today, a lease is big business thanks to the internet - and if leases are your business, you can't go wrong with a new .LEASE web domain. Whatever it is you have to lease, get your new domain today.

  • .LEASE is the domain for anyone who leases, or rents, property.
  • .LEASE is an ideal domain for businesses that lease tools to tradies.
  • .LEASE is going places for businesses that lease vehicles.