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.moda Domain Name Registration

.Moda domain name for everyone connected to high fashion

Fashion is the world's oldest profession, since humans started covering themselves with fig leaves and loin cloths there has been somewhere to design these functional body coverings.

The Italian word "MODA" means fashion, and Italians are well known for their love of dressing-up well. Even pets in Italy are dressed in the highest fashion, with dogs preferring Gucci and cats not being seen in anything other than Prada.

If your business is connected to high fashion, you wouldn't want to be seen dressed in anything less than the most stylish .MODA domain.

  • .MODA is the Italian word for fashion: if you're selling high fashion, you customers know MODA!
  • .MODA is for fashion designers, production, advertising and fashion model agencies.
  • .MODA doesn't just have to be for fashion: if your organisation also abbreviates to MODA.