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.pics Domain Name Registration

.Pics domain name for getting seen

The first pics were drawn on cave walls using dyes from plants, or often the artist used their own blood to paint the story of the savage animal that attacked them.

Much later, the Egyptians took this visual story telling to another level with an entire language of pics we call Hieroglyphics.

We've come a long way since then, with many talented artists making their pics by hand and also using cameras and technology of all shapes and sizes. Whatever your style of pic, there's a .PICS domain for you.

  • .PICS offers a memorable namespace for sharing your pics and connecting with other visual artists.
  • .PICS is perfect to host a forum, discussion board, or review site for all things pictured.
  • .PICS is ideal for print shops, framing studios, individuals producing their pictures and any business involved with works of art.