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.ryukyu Domain Name Registration

.RYUKYU for businesses based in Japan’s Southwestern islands

Establish an online presence in the Ryukyu islands.

The Ryukyu islands are a string of islands that stretch all the way to Taiwan. The islands – which include Okinawa and Kyushu — are known for their abundance of volcanoes, hot springs, and dive spots.

If you happen to run a business or blog that’s based in any of the islands, then secure a website with a .ryukyu domain. This helps build trust among the local community and boost your ranking in local search results.

You can also reach a global audience with a .ryukyu extension. There are hundreds of opportunities out there!

You don’t need to give up your existing .com domain. Give us a call today to register your .ryukyu domain before your competitors do.

  • .RYUKYU domain lets you build an online network in Japan’s Southwestern islands
  • .RYUKYU helps you rank higher in local search results
  • .RYUKYU are an ideal domain for history and travel blogs based in Ryukyu
  • .RYUKYU domains suit local and international businesses operating in any of the chain of islands