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.shopping Domain Name Registration

.SHOPPING domain for all shops, online and offline

Online shopping has been an undeniable market changer, one that is dominating the consumer world of today. With great opportunities waiting to be taken, there’s one more thing you can do to reach your business goals – get a .SHOPPING domain.

With .SHOPPING, customers will know even before clicking on your site that you are an online store.

.SHOPPING is a unified web address for online stores all over the world, letting customers know and find stores for the products they look for. The .SHOPPING domain is easily understood anywhere – a word that represents many people’s favourite activity.

Offer unique deals and inspired items for customers worldwide, entirely possible with your own .SHOPPING domain.

Online shopping currently accounts for 7.4% of total retail spend this year – a $1.67 trillion market. And the numbers are still growing.

Find a new home for your online business with a .SHOPPING address today.

  • .SHOPPING offers great opportunity for online and brick-and-mortar stores who are looking to establish a more powerful presence online.
  • .SHOPPING is available for registration by everyone, whether used for a shopping-centric blog or an online store. The possibilities are endless.
  • .SHOPPING lets you get a competitive advantage over other stores.
  • .SHOPPING is a highly relevant, flexible identifier for the global online shopping industry.