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.store Domain Name Registration

Enhance your online retail presence with .STORE

The .store domain is a new generic top-level domain that is specifically crafted to denote an online store of an eCommerce business or retail brand that sells online. Finding a domain that complements your brand name can get awfully difficult and that’s why a .store domain makes the perfect online destination for you and your online store.

A .store domain will add a layer of meaning to your website name by indicating that it’s a ‘store’ that is open for business. The customers will immediately understand and remember the website name because it’s more than just a name - it’s your retail store.

Being the perfect eCommerce and retail domain extension, .store offers multiple benefits to businesses and individuals alike:

  • It establishes that you are selling something online
  • It successfully establishes an instant connection with your users in the first interaction
  • It makes your domain name relevant and brandable
  • It helps build a higher brand recall for your online store

A domain name on .store is a wonderful marketing tool and a great way for you to brand and market your retail store and eCommerce business. It also makes communication in online and offline advertising a lot more contextual and relevant.