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.stream Domain Name Registration

.STREAM domain for websites offering live-streamed content

Since the beginning of time, or near enough, the Internet has completely changed the way people communicate, share, play, do business and learn.

Before the age of the Internet, television, cinema and radio were the traditional means we consumed content. Then came online content.

Now, the age of streaming has begun.

Streaming already left DVDs for dead – and with social networks embracing live streaming.

The fact is, web domains have changed with the Internet and if you are still using a long or difficult to remember web address then you are likely to be left behind.

Get the dedicated domain for streaming with .STREAM

  • .STREAM is the ideal domain for websites offering live-streamed content.
  • .STREAM tells customers you are up to date with modern trends and technology.
  • .STREAM is SEO-friendly, making your website more relevant to web searches and queries.